Rope in one sprite

I remember someone asking (I think it was bh) me why the rope nodes couldn't be all in one sprite, I watched a video and made this.
(this isn't my first rope project, but when i named it over write my old rope project since they had the same name. can there please be a confirmation pop up boxes if 2 project have the same name? this would help me in the future alot thanks.)

I like it!


You could try "Recover" in the Open dialog...

I like your project.

Maybe you want to name it differently - because it extends if mouse goes away from it and compresses if mouse goes towards it, behaving like an elastic (or coil spring), not a fixed-length rope.

I was going to say that. The last node shouldn't go towards the first. Instead, it should always remain the same distance from the first if it's supposed to behave like a rope with no or little elasticity.

Here is a remix of project originally made by cornelios207 that keeps distances between the vertices always the same length.

I then posted a challenge here - does anyone have an idea how to keep the distances between vertices equal even when the 'k'-th clone is being pulled towards the anchor?

There is...

Didn’t happen for me