Rocket Wars!

I've made a project called rocket wars! Here's the link: Rocket Wars!

Here's all the stats about the game:
Enemies: Enemy missile (Missile B), Enemy bullet (Bullet E), and the Boss (BOSS).
Enemy missile:
Enemy bullet:

Players: Main player (Rocket), Player's bullet (Bullet R), and player's missile (Missile R).
The Viking
(As you can see, the boss and player have very similar designs)
Player bullet:
1 (1)
(Can be orange or blue)
Player missile:
Untitled (1)
Power ups: Invincibility power up (Invincibility), and Ultra attack power up (Ultra Attack).
Invincibility power up:
Ultra attack power up:
Ultra Attack

Five stages

  1. Goes in a circle around the player, firing a total of 36 bullets.
  2. Goes to a random position, spins around, firing 18 bullets, repeats 5 times, for a total of 90 bullets.
  3. Goes off screen, and summons 5 missiles at once.
  4. Goes to a random position, fires a missile, repeats 5 times.
  5. Makes a clone on himself. The clone doesn't fire, only moves, to distract the player.

4 difficulties: Easy, normal, hard, and impossible.
On easy mode, you have 10 lives, can move quite fast, and have a fast fire rate. You have more ammo, and reload time is shorter.
On normal mode, you have 5 lives, move slower, have a slower fire rate and reload time. Your bullets and missiles move slower, and you have less ammo.
On hard mode, you have 3 lives, move even slower, and so on.
On impossible mode, you have 1 life. Enemies move much faster, and you move much slower, and so on.

Power ups:
The Invincibility power up will spawn every 10 to 50 seconds. It gives you invincibility for 10 seconds.
The Ultra Attack power up will spawn every 10 to 50 seconds. When collected, it allows you to use you ultra attack. The ultra attack is an incredible attack, sending out a total of 180 bullets and 30 missiles, without a charge to your ammo and missiles. To activate the ultra attack, press "U".

Note: unlike ammo, you only have a limited amount of missiles, and can't get more. Use them wisely! Also, missiles only work on the boss, and can be destroyed.

Can you win on impossible mode? If so, let me know! (I can't even get past the first missile on impossible mode. LOL)

Sounds cool!
I will look at it later

UPDATE!!! Rocket Wars 2 has been released!!! Rocket Wars 2!
New Boss! The Wrecker!
Boss (1)

New looks!
Untitled (2)

1 (2)

Boss's stages:

  1. Goes to a random position, spins around a ton, repeats 10 times. One full spin deals an incredible amount of 50 Hearts!!!!!
  2. Goes to a random position, charges at you, deals 1 heart if lands, repeats 3 times.
  3. Goes to a random position, spins around and shoots 50 bullets, repeats 3 times.
  4. Goes to a random position, shoots a missile, repeats 5 times.
  5. Heals one heart.

Check it out!

How do you turn? It's not working for me.

Use the mouse. Put the mouse in the direction you want to move, then press and hold the up arrow to move forward.

Oh, okay.
Edit: It's still not working. Also, the sprites are draggable, which makes the game easy to cheese.

Okay. I'll fix the draggable sprites. When you say it's not working, could you describe exactly what you mean when you say it's not working? To me, it's working just fine.

When I start up the project, and give an answer as to what mode, the sprite moves about 1 degree towards the mouse and never does again.

I do not see what you mean. I run the program, it always points directly at the sprite, and it works fine. Edit: Oh, I see the problem. I believe I just fixed it. Give it another go now.

It still doesn't work.
I'm talking about rocket wars 2, not 1, if that's the source of the confusion.

Yeah. I fixed 1, then replied. You must have tried before I fixed 2. Edit: I fixed 2, by the way. If it still doesn't work, let me know.

OH... I see what you're talking about. I fixed it.