Rocket simulator 2.0
The Apsis gauges are broken.
Map view would be done in v2.1.

What a dumb guy I am!
(the apsis gauges are fixed,and will still be fixed if the idiot in a light green icon doesn't do more math errors :man_facepalming: )

yeah i successfully made it into orbit

Next step autopilot(I had a bit of frustration when trying to turn over to prograde on apoapsis,and pointed in the wrong direction twice for a sec,so may there be SAS)
Then Map view
Lastly fuel(im not really willing to add this,bc the simulator is for you to learn stuff like orbital manuvers or gravity turn or landing,not for you to learn how to get lost in space with no fuel so maybe more planets instead of fuel?)

Now with map view(although with tracking station lvl0 :rofl:) and fixed planet orbits!

I don't want to freak stuff out,but I have to say,having a moon outside the L1 radius is not pleasant!

Can you stop replying to yourself and just edit your posts?

Now with tracking station lvl 1 and quicksaves!
My save:
(rocket in orbit)
(rocket in higher orbit)

Press F to fast forward 100 ticks without rotating,thrusting,recalculating SOI

now autopilot on
Almost autonomous orbit:(i was not patient enough to wait until the apoapsis is outside the atmosphere)