Ringified inputs

Is it possible to put ringified inputs into a block?
Example: I want to make a block that takes a text math problem and reports it in blocks:
So if I enter "1+(2*2)", it would report untitled%20script%20pic%20(8).
I tried using the 'call' block, but it gives me an error:
Is there a way to this using the 'call' ar any other block?
Thanks in advance!

No. This is the thing at the top of my major enhancement list: the ability to create code programmatically, and to analyze code programmatically. Sorry!

That's fine. Nice to know its coming, though!

That's "top" as in "most important," not "soonest"! :~/

First check for validity of the math, but untitled%20script%20pic

Oh, if what you want to convert starts as plain text, just type control-F and type the expression into the search bar!