Hey guys,
I'm a beginner and I don't know what to do. I need a solution, that the RGBA value is queried again for each pixel.

Is this for an assignment?

no, it‘s for my job education

Could you explain a bit more what problem your having

I need a repeating script, that queries the RBGA value for each pixel

This will iterate over all the pixels of the current costume of a sprite and read out the RGBA values


Does your job require you to use Snap! or are you just using Snap! to learn programming for your job?

do you want to test for the rgba of every pixel on the stage? If so, that's easy.

This just gets all the pixels in the current costume.

If you really want everything on the stage, including sprites, the easiest method I can think of is by switching to dev mod (shift+click the snap logo), then use this block to get the stage image

untitled script pic (46)

then get the pixels of that image.

because i dont think snap is a good way to learn script coding

I do not see what query means
Does it mean to ask for?Or to pick?

The former.

I think that block shows up in search results in the palette if im not mistaken


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