Reuleaux Triangle

honelsty I just thought this would be cool and i plan on making a project where you can do this with any pollygon but for some reason when i scroll the slider for the size sometimes it messes up and the script freezes

This is probably due to a rounding error that causes the script to be stuck in a lag (∞ loop).

Does that fix the lag?

idk. ik where the error is coming from and ik why its happening. i just dk how to fix it. ill try that tho

that seems to be working. what change did u make

I changed every [] = [0] into [] < [1].

ohh. yeah thats makes sense because ig its not that persice. thx

now i got to make this for every polygon

maybe i should just make the perfect road for every shape

Cool! You should animate it, so we can see a truck with wheels that shape rolling down the street.


like this?


I'm accustomed to seeing the truck body actually moving forward in such animations. Your way makes it more obvious how much the triangle is bouncing up and down inside that shape!

is that good or bad

It's good! I learned something from it. In a perfect world, I guess, there would be scenery moving backward to give more of an illusion of the truck moving. Tumbleweeds or Smurfs or something.

idk. most of my projects are just concepts. i dont really have a reason to make any of them look nice, if u want i can. just tell me tho.

No, just, you wanted ideas for things to work on. I'm trying to help. :~)

if u saw my last one u can see my plate it very full


lol. wanna help

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