Remove the kitten sound

uh... I was looking in the sounds ilibrary n snap, and when I played the kitten and meow sound back to back, they sounded super similar. I imported both of them, and compared the samples of each sound, and it turns out, that the kitten sound is exactly the same as the meow sound. I think you should remove the kitten sound from the library.

I'm not a moderator, but that doesn't sound very high priority.

yeah, but it's just deleting a file from the source code and removing it from the sounds json file. I could do it myself.

Great, file a PR!

It's exactly the same one, yes, as are many (all?) of the costumes. IIRC, these files have a very permissive license and Snap! asked the Scratch team about using them.

What, no, he's complaining that we have two identical sounds in our sound library, not that one of ours is the same as one of theirs.

Oh, I see! Sorry about the confusion. Then yes, we should probably remove one of them. @jens any reason why this is duplicated? Should we remove Kitten.wav?

Geez, I don't have the slightest idea and afaik wasn't even involved in compiling the costumes, backgrounds and sounds. That was all @bh's work. So, sure, whatever!

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