Reliable textarea input on stage?

  • it needs to be on Stage,not an input
  • it must not use JS
  • it should do a textarea input,so no ask
  • reliable means it should work like Notepad,and does not have keys that sometimes won't release etc
    How can I do this?

Are you asking for a text editor?

Yes,but it must be implemented in snap.

There are many different text editors on snap, just look one up on the forum. Also, why don't you take the time to make one yourself?

mine always dont work "reliablely"
they always sometimes lose key release events

Are you using the when key pressed? hat block? That's actually the best way to get the key currently pressed, as well as adding a delay for when the user holds the key.

yes but the wait untill not key pressed sometimes waits untill eternity while i have relesed the key

oh wait you dont have to wait key release
im dumb

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