Record Movements Block

Does what the title says it does.




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Mr_OwlsssSnap (Use with Credits)

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oh whoops

now try

What can the "record" blocks do? Why would anyone want them?

Why do you use block variables? Use the script ones...

they record the movements of your Sprite and play them back later....


does it really matter though

It doesn't look good. And also because those vars are still in development, so there might be fails.
Only use block variables if you want to store something that same block will need to use it later...

ok ok


Okie, that is better :+1:

Can you do a survey for me?
Do you find these

  • Useful
  • Okay
  • Bad

Then why don't you have a "record rotations" block to record rotations if someone wants to make some walking animations?

Also can't you use Browser Data Storage?

Besides, most people (Me included) prefer to use other softwares like Scratch or Google Drawings or any image editing software to make the frames for the animations.

it's inside of it :+1:

I find this Okay :white_check_mark:

However, there are some problems:

  • Why would users record something that you can recreate with Motion & Animation blocks with more precision?
  • This can only record each 100 ms, and considering FPS could affect block

they are not. It's ok to use block vars, but if you aren't going to use the variables again once you run the block again, then there's no need to.

K, that's your personal preference. Your point?

I can remove it if you would like.

Its literally for sprites to move around without using a bunch of glide and move blocks.
Not highly detailed animations...