Reasons why i dont create projects anymore

this might be offtopic because of the category and other things

i cant create projects because im lazy and i have ran out of ideas (this is not begging for ideas), instead ill hang out on the forum, if i have a idea (which will happen in 9999) ill try to do it

There are lots of ideas and inspirations you can explore, try searching some interesting things on the Internet to get some ideas.

hy not go to the "Explore" page for inspirations?

I feel like saying

is just

(I mean that this topic will probably turn into

because this is a forum.)

If there's something you want from us (this topic is literally in Requests to the Community!) then can you pls be more specific

The reason why I don't create projects in snap anymore, is because I'm working on projects in other languages. I haven't moved on, I'm just still here helping people and keeping up with snap.