Real name or username?

I don't really feel comfortable putting my real name, but if I have to, I can.
edit: I used my username, but I can resubmit it with my name.

When I get prompted to enter m name into something, for example, creating an account on a website, I just use my username.

Sometimes forums trick you into putting your real name, saying that it wouldn't be shown, and then IT GETS SHOWN.

And that's the mistake I made in the Python forums. Also you can't flag stuff on the Python forums SO I WAS DOOMED. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

welp, at least there were not two identifying factors, then someone could reasonably, with knowledge of you, estimate other factors.

If we're talking about Snap!Con registration, you can use your username.

yeah same

oh thank you! this is what I was talking about

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