Radio Simulator WIP

One of my first projects, what do you think?
What should I add?

Welcome to Snap!.

Well my little detail suggestion is that the alert sprite has to be in front of the others because now the goop hides the speech balloon.

And then the other thing is there should be a way to win!! :~)

Ok I will fix that

I've added blinds to the window that can be opened and closed but I want to make it so that when the blinds are closed you can't be killed by the monster and if i can get that to work then i'll add a day-night cycle and thus a way to win.

i've tried to make it so when the blinds closed sprite is showing the monster will not attack but there is no option to do an if else where where its based on if a sprite is hiding or not. So idk i'll have to figure it out.

untitled script pic

i recommend you make dragable mode on each sprite false

Oh thanks! I didn't know I could do that.

its a little checkbox under where you place a name for the sprite

I got so scared as soon as I saw the blood randomly coming out of the ceiling. Creepy. 0_0