Question about v8.1.5

(please remind me if this is the right place cuz i couldnt find any other category for questions)

so in short terms,
I have no idea what changed in the latest update.
please tell me what changed so i can actually make use of the changes. thx :+1:

Huh? That isn't a change in 8.1.5.

yeah yeah ik its a recent change tho
looks like that jens is rushing bugfixes and there is one/two new updates every day

When there's a change in the third number in the release (in this case, "5") it's not a new feature; it's a bug fix in the 8.1 code. If we add features, we'd call it 8.2.

yeah ok

If you ever want to see the release notes of a new update, click the snap logo, then click download source (it doesn't download anything, it just takes you to the releases page where you can download it).


shows all the releases and you can scroll down to 8.1.0 to see the actual changes in the 8.1 release

ok, thanks! :slight_smile:

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