Question about forum

this is a question, how do i make posts that can be edited by other snappers?

when you make a post, click the three dots by the reply button, then click the wrench. Then click Make Wiki.

this is a test
add your username here

  • @sweetiepeh1
  • @bubgamer08_bungamer01
  • @earthrulerr
  • @sirhopssalot
  • @warped_wart_wars
  • @sir_kitten2
  • @18001767679
  • @CST1229
'add your username' Rule breakers
  • @18001767679 changed the whole thing to "bloop bloop"
  • @helicoptur removed the rule breakers area
  • @18001767679 put in "an_anonymous_guy" instead of his username

you cant have more than 2 mentions in a post

which neither of you seemed to use.

how did you quote only you have to use some words after that.

cool thanks

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