Query about the Snap! Forum

Hi, everybody! I was just working on projects when I was thinking to myself- is there a way I could possibly find the average time posts/topics are made on the forum? This could result in a timeframe that is the prime time to be on the forum (most posts, topics, replies, etc).

Now, for this (theoretical) project, obviously I would need data. I see two potential ways to get this:

  1. (brute forcing it) By myself, look through multiple topics and posts and look at the times they were posted.

That isn’t ideal? I don’t really have time to do that.

  1. Use the forum’s RSS feed to check the dates of every post made.

This is where my question comes in: does such a thing exist? An RSS feed that contains the entirety (or like recent history) of the Snap! Forum?

EDIT: I genuinely am curious- it’s not like a “oh can i get user info from posts”. I literally don’t know if it exists.

EDIT 2: Sorry if the first edit seemed passive-aggressive. It’s past 10 here and I’m tired.

Nevermind, I found something that seems to work:

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