PYOP: BHnapped! part 1 (Wip)

What the heck is BHnapped!!?

BHnapped! is a snap series in which @bh gets kidnapped by Sigma (from Mega Man X) and Zero (also from Mega Man X) has to rescue @bh.

Is this the second episode of PYOP?

I don't know but, i have made a episode of PYOP before PYOP: Kirbys Facial Hair called PYOP: Luigi x Peach Story Best. PYOP: Luigi x Peach Story Best is the pilot episode of PYOP.

I see Link- UwU
(i think)


What can you see?

I see poop with legs and bh (not sure what the other things are though)

old computers and some robot or cyborg type of characters

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I know what i can see:

Things that @theeric132 can see on this image:

Zero, Slash Beast, BH with his Macintosh 128k and his room, a Mettaur D2, a brown Knot Beret B and a Poopleg (which is a pile of poop in a mech suit).

it says the project does not exist

I think the "(Wip)" means Wait is In Progress. Which means the project is being worked on.

It means work in progress.

Updated something. Can you see anything new?

Hey look! Updated this:

What do you think?