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My usual TopTip :slight_smile:

Try and avoid using primitives directly - use the appropriate library blocks - it's what a true Snapper would do :slight_smile:

using the primitives works anyways

Excuse me?

yea, and it doesn't clutter up the palette with library blocks, especially if you're only using the block once



Nice, except for

, which shouldn't have an apostrophe.

-_- haha

What are you talking about? Set's is an extension and "the color of the text" is an option :man_facepalming: /j

"Sets" in that sentence is the third person singular of "to set." No apostrophe, which is only for possessive nouns such as "Brian's."

It was a joke...

i removed it, but i guess i didn't save.

Oh. Sorry.

nah it fine