Puzzled by the ring

I ran into the following situation, but I could not understand and/or how to find a work around.

To be short, I want to create a list of rings that I could call in the sequence, but to my dismay, it won't work. I did some extensive testing, I nailed down to the following situation.
Illustrate a weird ring behaviour with result

However, if I call the ring directly, I can get the correct behavior:
Call the ring directly correct behavior

Am I missing anything here? The same ring called directly, no problem, however, put the ring inside the list, and access it through the item block and then call the ring would fail.

Something is not right:
The two rings should be the same

Using split by blocks to analyze the two rings would give you the information:
Using split by blocks would give the same answer too
Using split by blocks would give the same answer too - 1

Thanks for your help.

right click on the item of block and press “unringify”

Amazing, thanks @pumpkinhead for your lightning respond. :slight_smile:

I have been scratching my head since last night. I didn't notice there is a unringify option before. Good to learn that!