Put your games on this chat

put your games on this chat to get them put on this collection
actually good games

Can you put this in?

this is a great thing to add, thx

What about this?

yes this can be added

You can add some of my projects in this collection.

Can you add this ?

sorry it took me awhile, i posted the good ones

I'm working on a game called "ORTHOGRAPHIC" which won't be available until August or so.

okay then don't post about it until it's finished

Just a heads-up, sheesh. So literal and hostile.

those kinds of posts (e.g. "i'm working on a game") just clog up the forums. it's annoying.

how am I being hostile, and what do you mean by "literal"?

im interested, thank you for telling me slate_technology

dont be rude helicoptur

Id like to see this developed further. And willing to contribute.

i don't understand how i was being rude but ok ig

just stop, dont say mean things.

you should make "ORTHOGRAPHIC" in 3d

again, I don't see anything I said as mean, but ok i guess