Project Load failed: TypeError: cannot read property “attributes” of null

I finished coding my project a while ago and it was working and running completely fine up until tonight, but now it won't let me open the project or edit it, displaying the message "Load failed: TypeError: cannot read property “attributes” of null." I really need this to be fixed for my final project in class.


wow, this has shown up a lot

Hi, @msultana3.

I'm looking into this issue, but I need to know if you remember doing anything special right the last time the project worked. I see the last thing you did is you updated the project from the website, probably to make it public. Did you, for example, also update the project's description?

(by the way, your project is now recovered)

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. And yes, I think when I added the description, the project wouldn't work anymore. I guess that's somehow connected to the issue?

Totally connected, yep. Do you remember if you got any errors when updating the description?

Or -long shot here- do you happen to remember any details about the description you wrote? Did it include any funny characters, for example?

Nope, no funny characters or error when I gave the description. When I refreshed the page to make sure the description saved, it was perfect, the actual program just stopped working.