Project constantly creating white screen & failing to load cloud saved file

While working on the project, the snap! program suddenly crashed itself and created a white screen even though I was just working on the project. This happened multiple times which made me to constantly lose the past work that I've done, so I started to save it on the cloud storage. However,
the snap! crashed again and now it doesn't even let me to properly open the saved file inside cloud storage. Although it opens the file, the file itself seems corrupted which prohibits me from continuing the work. If this keeps happening again, I have no choice but to quit using snap! as my main block coding platform.

this project opens fine for me in the latest version of Chrome. However, Chrome has recently gotten pretty bad and buggy about memory consumption. You might want to try Firefox, which currently seems a lot more stable.

What browser are you using? And what is the version?

Same for me, too.

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