Project broken after variable malfunction

  1. Chrome
  3. I'm not entirely sure exactly what it was that I did. I created a global variable and was hiding/unhiding it both with the checkbox and with code. The program didn't fully break until I tried to delete the variable, however.
  4. The problem started with a duplicate stage box for one of my variables. I was unable to get rid of it by hiding the original, so I tried to delete the variable. The first time it happened, the whole program froze, I restarted it, and the variable came back. The second time, it stopped working entirely, no matter how many times I restarted it.

Hi, and welcome to Snap!

I was able to recover your project:
Spirograph gamma (recovered) (29.3 KB)

Still trying to find out how it ended up in this state...

For me, (one chrome), the project gets stuck at the "opening project" screen, not sure why.

P.S. On a similar note, when you hide a shown variable with code, the checkbox in the block area does not become unchecked, leading to some confusion

that's the same with scratch

I tried to bring the variable back... and the same thing happened again. Luckily, I backed it up this time. The problem seems to be with the 'Change Values' variable- for some reason Snap! seems to be getting confused on whether it's hidden or not.

try loading the project again, we've deployed a little patch this morning that addresses potential issues with watchers.

Thanks! It works fine now.