Program Unexpectedly Reverted

A student of mine had a major glitch in her project that was causing the costumes to freeze and the whole program would end up freezing. We were going to look at it together to troubleshoot but the next time we opened the program up a majority of her code was gone along with all the problematic costumes. She told me she hasn't even opened that project since the last time we had spoke.

Why might this have happened?
Any ideas how to get back the code she created?

I'm sorry you're having this problem.

First of all, in the Open dialog window, select the project and click "recover." With luck, you can find a usable version.

If you email the student's login (not password) and the project name to we can try to look into this.

Thank you for such a quick response.
I tried to email the support email address you sent and immediately got a "Address not found" email.

Any suggestions?

Interesting. Okay, use