Why does it say I'm pressing "process"?
It was not saying that this morning.
This might be related to my Chromebook lagging suddenly...
Edit: Yes, this is a snap project.

Where is the text in the picture from?

I'm not sure, but it looks like a Snap! project.

To mr_owlssssnap2: You were pressing Ctrl+Shift there, right?

yeah, it was to take the screenshot.

a project scheduled to release next weekend.
Why else would I put it on the forums?

It still does it, but I don't know why.
I can give you some code, if you would like.

Please do.


Which scene do I run first?

if you want to "install s-os", use scene one.
scene two is BIOS
and scene three is the actual operating system.
Please note that I was not planning on releasing it right now, as it is unfinished.

I get "ctrl shift Shift" on Windows when I press those keys.

when ever you press a key, like e, is comes up as ctrl shift shift?

I pressed ctrl+shift and I got "ctrl shift Shift". When I press "e", I get "e".

The are all the keys that don't come up as process

oh, so it's a chrome os thing. Great.

I can't find any documentation about this, I might try to reproduce this on my Chromebook tomorrow and see if this happens

ok thanks.
My Chromebook updated recently, so make sure yours is updated too.

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