- problems with the costumes -

So, I have been working hard on a animation, and for some reason most of the costumes aren't appearing. I actually checked to make sure no other costumes were on top of them, but there wasn't any costumes possibly big enough to cover the whole costume that wasn't showing up. If you know what I'm talking about and might have a solution to this please tell me!

Want to post the project?

Sure I'll try

Share project, post link, and I will help look into your code, I had this problem before, so I think I can help.

thanks for helping!
here's the link: https://snap.berkeley.edu/project?user=sushi-llama&project=people%20I%20dont%20like

Nice job! Everything shows up perfectly fine---

This thing happened me before where I would see that my costumes wont appear, but if I view it from a different account, it would show up perfectly fine, I don't really know how this happens, but it mainly happens when you are editing it, and you forget to press the stop button before you restart it again.

hm- okay well thanks for helping me!

No problem :)

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