Problems with stuttering

Hello. There's been a persistent bug with my game that I can't seem to get rid of; quite frustratingly, it is very inconsistent, even across different devices. The game of mine in question is called Square Up, it's a arcade-style vertical shooter. link here
The main problem here is that, over the course of a few minutes of playing, even through multiple playthroughs, the game will progressively become laggier and the audio will become slurred, slowed and bit-crunchy, until it becomes downright painful to play.
Restarting the game does not fix this issue, but refreshing the page does. Strangely, this slow deterioration of the game can seemingly be triggered by getting hit by an enemy, shooting an enemy, or sometimes nothing at all.
I assume it may have something to do with the heavy use of clones, but I doubt this because reducing the number of clones does not keep these glitches from occurring, and I have made projects with loads more clones than this without similar problems.
The effect does not translate to every computer, so it may be something about hardware. At this point, I'm just wondering if anyone else is getting this same issue on any other game or can at least replicate it on my game. Just in case my PC isn't beefed enough to run friggin' Snap.

I played it for a while, and I haven't ran into any issues

(also, you might want to uncheck draggable in the player sprite)

Thanks for the tip, lol

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