Problems creating an account

A student has tried more than once to create an account over the last 2 weeks. She has checked her spam bucket just in case. What should I recommend she do?

What do you mean? Is she not receiving the email? Or it plain doesn't work?

Not receiving any email after trying to open an account.

In that case, @bh or @jens can probably add the account for you.

Account problems, like problems in general, should be sent to, not to me or (especially not) Jens in particular. (I sleep sometimes (more than sometimes, actually), but our widely geographically disbursed team hardly ever all sleep at once. :~) )

Email us, but also as long as they save a project within the first 3 days their account will work. Resetting the password would be a challenge, but we can also generate a link if necessary.

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