Problem with Operation Speed (Sometimes)

I have created a simple game with a few sprites that move at a set interval. However, when I share the program with my friends to try it out it appears to sometimes run at the right speed and sometimes the sprites move ~three times as fast as they are supposed to. It makes the game pretty unplayable; I have sent it to 4 friends total and It has worked for 2 of them and the other 2 the speed has been all out of wack. What could be causing this difference in the game speed when no code is changed? I appreciate any help! It shouldn't be a code issue as it works perfectly on my hardware and on my friends as well, I sent it to my brother and it worked on his, then the next day he opened it again and the speed has been glitched for him ever since. I could potentially have him send a video of what it looks like at that speed if that would help.

Maybe you could try testing the game as well and feel if it is normal or if it is too fast, you will be able to tell basically instantly. the player's speed is set to 6 as well.


Does the green flag turn into a lightning bolt when it's running fast? If so, it's just turbo mode that's making it run super fast. To turn on and off turbo mode, shift + click the green flag.

Is it dependent from device?

I'm thinking yes it has something to do with device, my two computers run it fully normal, but I noticed my brother playing not just my game but he tried another game and it also ran at a much faster speed than mine was running at.

Not turbo mode at all we made sure it was off.

For example in my first computer, project with pen worked fast but in my second computer (worse than first) it worked slowly.

I don't think mine is slower than his because my computer is worse though, Mine is running properly, while his is just running 3x as fast, I can have him send a video of his tonight, and then i'll put a video of normal gameplay and then maybe we can come a conclusion to a problem, and this happened to my brother and one of my friends, is there a reason snap could be running faster for them. It's basically similar to if you have turbo mode on, even though turbo mode is off.

It might just be one of your computers has better a better CPU. Maybe check and compare CPUs to see if there is much of a difference?

Pretty sure that that's unlikely the reason

It could be, I have a 2007 CPU from AMD, it does TERRIBLE compared to my new CPU.

It shouldn't make much of a difference between a good cpu and a really good cpu, which the problem that the OP was asking about, was (at least from what I see) a huge difference.

So no, the cpu isn't the problem, we arent having one of the games play to SLOW thats the interesting thing, its almost like its being played at turbo mode speed for no reason.

This happens because your computer runs the project at slower ticks per second than your friends.

You programmed the sprite speed accordingly to your hardware speed. Apparently for you, that speed is fine, but when a friend opens the project with the double amount of tick speed than you because of his hardware, for him it appears to be two times faster.

You can fix that using delta time. I've never used that in snap! but you can search information about it.

Here's a block that can be useful. It's from a library i'm making:

I am quite new to Snap compared to most, how would I implement this and then change the person's speed who is too fast to the speed I want them to travel at.. Would you know?

I was going to potentially make a block that the player could press if their game was running at double speed and it would half everything's speed in the game. Idk if that could be a good solution because I don't know how to enable delta timer. sounds complex

Figured out the solution, It did have to do with Computer settings, you have to go to device settings to to display, advanced display settings and go to screen refresh rate, and change it to 60 so that the game runs at 60fps Thanks for the help everyone!

Oh, wow, thanks for figuring this out! I wasn't aware that JS requestAnimationFrame() could be tweaked by system preferences to be made faster / slower than around 60 fps. Of course, now that you've mentioned it it becomes obvious (as in Window.requestAnimationFrame() - Web APIs | MDN). Ideally I'd want to make it so that Snap! always runs at the exact same frame rate regardless of any hardware settings, at least that's how I designed the scheduler. Maybe I took out the deprecated "prefer smooth animations" setting prematurely. Anyway, thanks for clearing this up!

It was a lucky find, me and my brother tried everything because i really wanted him to be able to help me playtest my game. So not a problem at all glad I could help!