Problem with "my clones" block

I have a problem with the 'my clone s' block

1st thing:
If I "ask [a clone] for [my clones], the function returns the equivalent of" my others clones " (it should return nothing, because the clone doesen't have child ??)


The main sprite is the parent of 5 clones, but clones #2 and 3 doesen't have child clone...

2nd thing:
if i tell a clone to create another clone like:
it add clone #6 to the list (it is ok: a clone of #2...)

a) if i ask my clones to clone #2, it return other clones of the main sprite (not what i want) (it should return clone #6 ??)
b) if i ask the new clone (#6) for his parent i got clone #2 (It's ok!)


Not a bug -- see the manual. "My clones" means "temporary clones of my non-clone ancestor"; maybe the name should be better, but it's hard to say that in few words.

I think that is just an interpretation. You want/expect it to return nothing but it's trying to do what it thinks is best by returning the other clones. It's not a completely wrong thing to do.

If you need to do this, then a custom ask clone reporter that checks if the object being requested is a clone could return nothing if its a clone but carry on with primitive ask if it is not a clone

Not sure what you mean here - could you re-explain your problem?

watch the example

ok but the function doesen't return the temporary clones of my non-clone ancestor but my other clones...

It does, actually, but that has to be revised to "temporary clones of myself if I am not a clone, otherwise temporary clones of my non-clone ancestor, not including myself".

It isn't the "my other clones" definition ?

Pretty much. I'm not sure if, in this:
||clone 1
||clone 2
|||clone 2.1
|||clone 2.2
||clone 3
clone 2.1's [scratchblocks]my [other clones v] :: sensing reporter[/scratchblocks] would include clones 1, 2, and 3, though.

This is a quick draft of an advanced ask reporter - I'm sure it needs more work but seems to cope with your situations so far



Thank you Simon, it's work perfectly !

After some sleep - I think this sort of approach would be better


[edit - or something like this if you don't want children of children being reported


I'm confused as to what the if statement is for. No matter what, you're reporting (my [children]).

this is just a misfeature. I've always thought it just reported the sprite's clones, or the clone's clones.

#LOL - your dead right :slight_smile:

I obviously wasn't fully awake this morning :slight_smile:

I've just gone around in circles :slight_smile:

my children seems to give the correct answer in all scenarios

well, actually you can make other sprites children of that sprite, which don't have to be temporary, so technically it doesn't.

I'm stopping with this now - my brain hurts too much :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think it's unfortunate that in the context of the MY block, "clones" means "temporary clones." But I can see why Jens didn't want such a long phrase in the menu.