Probably useless feature request: switch "is" and first input in type and identity blocks

I think
switch is
should change to
switch is
because it makes more sense in
untitled script pic (17)

Then you probably don't want the question mark either.

We've talked about trying to have a uniform naming convention for predicates. Maybe it's time to revisit that.

Predicates already have a unique shape, so a question mark isn't really necessary to know that it is a predicate, and not all predicates have question marks.

The only reason I kept the question marks was because of blocks like
untitled script pic (18)
which aren't
scratchblocks (5)
scratchblocks (6)

I don't think that any predicate blocks should have question marks, because they're a bit pointless.

yeah, I agree, saying if is a identical to a? doesn't make that much sense. also, can you make the if <> block look like this? untitled script pic (7)

Yeah that's what I meant; if we make it COLOR IS TOUCHING then the question mark doesn't fit at all.

The thing is, when you see the predicate in the context of an IF or REPEAT UNTIL or something, a question doesn't fit grammatically. But when you see the predicate on its own, then a question does make sense; by using the block you aren't asserting that this color touches that color; you're asking whether that's the case.

So I think that's why you see inconsistency in the naming. As people invent predicates they think of them one way or the other and so that predicate follows that convention, while the next person who invents one may think differently about them.

Sigh. I suppose we could. I get a little annoyed when people think we have to look like [some other language that isn't Scheme]. I'm not sure the "then" really makes it any clearer that IF this is true, do that.

it doesn't make sense to say " if touching sprite1 move 10 steps" but it makes sense to say, " if touching sprite1 then move 10 steps"

It does make sense

All this discussion and we are talking about English !
Just think how much more of a hard time the translated versions are having, trying to construct versions that has to follow English logic versus the language's own grammar.
It woud be a great help if the translation strings were to allow for freer placement of the block parameters !

Yeah. Maybe someday...