Pretty pattern, A.K.A My latest bug

I have been inspired by the orbital topic of the Orbital Resonance theme that Jens presented at Vilnius University some time ago. See Beauty of Computing with Snap! Planetary Orbit Art - YouTube
I decided to try and code my own version (as I couldn't read what was on the screen and copy it). In the end, I tried to trace the Earth's orbital track simply.
I started to have problems when I noticed that the pen commands were tracing my Little Sun sprite rather than my planet. After a few coffees, I resorted to experimenting with a 'Launch Block'. I soon realised this was not what I wanted; additionally, restarting with the flag gave me a parallel track. I knew then that I had developed my Bug of the Month.

Orbiting Pens

It's beautiful!

Back in the old days of Logo, one of our slogans was "Love your bugs." You can learn a lot from them, and they can be beautiful.

Thank you.
Most of my Bugs are best described using nautical terminology, Chief Stoker grade.
I have not had time yet to determine where my project deviated from the intended outcome, which was to create something akin to what Jens produced in Lithuania.
I think I'll start experimenting with trying to get the pens to trace multiple sprites, either alternately or simultaneously.
Best regards,