Poster / Demo: Using Snap! with Microcontrollers in Physics Lessons

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Presented By: Verena Konrad


Digitization is progressing faster than ever, and basic IT education is becoming increasingly important for the future job market. This increases the importance of computer science and the use of digital media in the classroom. But how can these findings be integrated into the school education of the future generation? Interdisciplinary computer science lessons offer one possibility. Certain basic IT knowledge should be integrated in other subjects.

The question remains, how is it possible for a teacher from other subjects to implement this concept in their subjects and to use the teaching time effectively. For this, certain modules must be developed for the respective subjects, which contain IT concepts and digital media.

In this poster, such interdisciplinary modules for teachers will be presented using the example of physics. The programming language snap! used in conjunction with microcontrollers and sensors. The block-based programming language makes it easy for teachers without programming knowledge to get started. The data recorded by the sensors can be used for teaching with the help of diagrams, tables, or scales.

The aim is to develop interdisciplinary modules for physics teachers. It is important that teachers without previous programming knowledge can implement these units and thus expand their teaching in an interdisciplinary manner.

Material to my poster presentation :blush: :

Link to poster:
Linkt to Snap4arduino:

Link to the projects:
Hint: This projekts can only be opened in snap4arduino (not in the normal snap!). It is best to download the project and then open it in snap4arduino.
• distance-time-diagram:
• voltmeter:
• voltage-time-diagram:
• temperature-time-diagram:

For the projects, in addition to the standard firmata file, the firmata_ir or firmata_tone must also be played on the Arduino.