Post Getting Hidden

I was replying to @bh when my post got hidden. Then I got a message from the system saying it was flagged at as inappropriate and was a spam. It also said that it was considered as advertising while I was only thanking @bh here. Why did it happen?

By coincidence, it's unhidden now.

Yeah that's kind of funny. That message came right after another message from your sibling, at the same IP address. So the forum software decided you were a robot. I fixed it.

Thank you again.

You're welcome again!


It looks I got tagged because @r434660 used a link of my post.

Yeah, I am sorry.

It's not your fault. It's by the system.


Kind of funny watching you guys talking to each other on the forum instead of f2f!

Actually, I did not write that post for him. I just wrote that I became tagged, so I may get notifications regarding this topic.