Policing the forum

Nice but also I think you should’ve just made a new topic.

It's their topic and they made an update, not a fresh block.

Yeah but 2 years…

You guys worry way too much about necroposting. It hardly ever happens on the forum, and when it does it's not such a big deal.

In terms of forum spam, a much worse problem, imho, is hijacking threads into different topics, usually having something to do with Javascript, pro or con, but Javascript isn't the problem, it's hijacking. It's not always about JS. And let me say that I know I'm one of the worst offenders about this.

But even hijacking isn't such a terrible problem. There are only two terrible problems on this forum, and they're rare. They are (1) bullying and (2) arranging offsite meetings. The first is problematic for obvious reasons. The second is problematic for legal reasons. Both have been really serious, common problems here in the past, but, knock on wood, have been in remission lately.

So if you're going to police the forum, police those things.

P.S. Yes, this is a hijacking, sorry!

I got yelled at by 3 people when I first joined the forums on a 1 week old topic… it’s influenced.

Yeah that's one of the occasions I had in mind.

Now that time was just plain a mix of bullying, ignorance, and hijacking because of the amount, message, and setting of it. That really just scared me and influenced me so now, I am a bug about necroposting.