Pointillism converter

Snap! 6.5.2 Build Your Own Blocks (berkeley.edu)
L to import a png.
P to pointalise it.
S to save current image (pointalised or otherwise).
Arrow keys to navigate between pngs.
Drag a picture to change it's position.
R to return.

Love it!

Good job

You can even sort of guess at what blocks they are! :~)

But I couldn't get it to stop running; eventually I just closed the window.

when @greenflag clicked:
pen up
go to somewhere
pen down
goto idontknow

I think somewhere and idontknow are approximations... hahaha

they are places that i cant recognize

You needed to wait for it to finish, eventually it will notify you that it is 50% converted, then wait that long again and it will notify you that it is converted and ask you if you want to save it.
I assume you took a screenshot, but if you wait till it's done, just press S and it will save it to your computer.

When I tried that, it made an XML file instead of a PNG. I ended up putting the costume in my costumes, and then exporting it.

Edit: But as to it running forever, when I started it again it worked fine. So I don't know what that was about.

Well, it makes a png for me, so I don't know why that would happen on your machine.

Yeah, I'm assuming that if I tried again it'd work. :slight_smile:

i know you posted the picture of those scripts but normal and easy to read...but i can't find which forum

Oh, someone was using a zillion sprites to form a graph and I was suggesting drawing it instead.


[offtopic] yea i think they did 2000 something sprites just to make a graph. I've heard of something called Edgy, it's like snap! but it's used to make graphs or something [/offtopic/]

That's a different meaning of "graph." The one here was the algebra graph of a function with x and y axes and all that. Edgy is about graph theory graphs, which are a finite number of circles some of which are connected to each other as in the seven bridges problem, or the one about three houses and three utility companies, or finite state machines, if any of those are familiar to you.

i heard of the seven bridges problem, it's some kind of impossible puzzle

Yes, but the point is, it's an impossible graph-traversal problem!