'Pointilism' remixed (four different averages), orig by Sven Jatzlau

You should post a link to the actual project, not just a video!

@bh I wanted to post the actual project, but during processing (when the "point size" is smaller and therefore there are a lot of points to process), the viewers (users) need to wait quite a long time to see the results and they don't know if anything is happening at all or maybe the project is broken.

(Another problem seems to be that I can not 'SAY' for example "you need to wait" during the processing because a color sensor happens to be sensing also a balloon with the words being said. Is this a bug? Sensor should not sense the colors of the words being said, I guess.)

Link https://snap.berkeley.edu/project?user=kinestheticlearning&project=Pointilism_four_different_averages

That's interesting! What I really want, though, is a split screen with two different choices from among the four, or maybe 0 to choose the original. So, e.g., typing 1 then 3 would show the same picture with those two algorithms applied.

Posting the project and a video is fine!

I changed "wait 0.1 seconds" to "wait 1 seconds" in a bunch of places, by the way, but if you take my advice about splitting the screen, the issue won't arise.

I like your advice! It shouldn't be a problem if I crop the input image and only retain the left half of it. Is this what you had in mind?

Yup. (Or the right half, your choice...)

Oh, typing A shows me a very ghostly lemon tree that I can't do anything with.

Yeah, after you press "A", it changes the input image

(I hid what's not true, anymore, because I updated the project)

(but it does nothing yet until you press either W or S to change the point size and only after the point size is changed)

it runs the four algorithms (or better put, one algorithm with four different parameters?) one after the other (which makes you wait for quite a long time as I said above).

Very cool remix! Nice project!

Tnx, Sven!