Please quote messages!

Please, everyone, when you reply to a comment that isn't directly above yours, please quote them.
It makes it much easier to understand which message is replying to who, and what, and it saves scrolling up until you manage to understand what they're talking about.
I know I'm guilty of this too, but I'm asking people to do this, and I will try to do it too.

Note to bh, jens, and other Snap! developers:
Could you make it that when you reply to a message it automatically quotes it at the top, or at least tells you what post it is you're replying to? Can there be a 'quote whole message' button, or if there is a way to do this already, can you tell me how?

There is a "quote whole message" button; after you click Reply and you're in that editor box, the leftmost icon on the row of editing features is a speech balloon.

But I'd prefer that people just quote a little of the message, not the whole thing, so we don't end up reading infinitely long cascades of quotes of quotes of quotes.

If you reply to a reply, there is an icon that shows which post you replied to; click on it. (:arrow_up: there it is!)
If you reply to the original post, the icon isn't there.

Oh, I see

Thanks for telling me!

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