Please make a native app

Do it so that mobile users can have fun :slight_smile:

You can still use snap on mobile devices, and when you go to snap in chrome on android, you can add it to the home screen. ios is not that great.

In my experience, Snap! …

  • on iPhone is not usable (screen is too small);
  • on iPad has stability issues - one needs to save projects quite often, or all changes may be lost.

Especially if you're going to be getting script pics, as it replaces the entire page with the image, and when you go back to the snap editor, all changes are lost.

I've found android is much better than ios, because it actually downloads files (and does not replace the page, losing all changes), and it allows you to actually download snap for offline use.

The one thing that ios does better, is that you're able to use shift key shortcuts (shift menus). Android does not do that (or at least, not the keyboard that I use).

I admit it, the screen is too small on phones, and is extremely hard to use, but tablets are much better, because they have a bigger screen (android tablets and ipads).

But you can use your computer to make an app that'll run on the phone in presentation mode and not need the resolution you need to fit the entire editor.

You can use appsgeyser to convert the snap editor to a app for android

Any program that claims to create an app from a website, is most likely just making an embed. It'll still need internet, and it'll still have the limitations of a browser, so those are not good options.

Done that with niotron(from @askofep1 )

While that seems like a good idea on paper, it probably wouldn't be that good. Taking into account the size of the screen and the drag and drop nature of a program like this, it would be a much worse experience. Still, it would be kind of cool to see it actually be executed.

Can that actually be done with just the touch screen?

On ios, if you press the shift key on the on-screen keyboard, snap does trigger the shift key shortcuts.

What do you mean

You can download the website source code and upload it to appsgeyser

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