Please enhance codification to more then 1 sprite/global local functions

Right now codification works only for global functions global variables for 1 single sprite.
I would like also local functions/more than 1 sprite to be codificated.
That would allow teaching modularization, OOP and lots of other stuff via codification!!!

Yep, sprite-local cofication support is on my list. Although, I think we need to talk about single-sprite vs. multiple sprites. I don't think there's anything holding you back from concatenating the code generated by multiple sprites, or is there?

THANKS for the quick reply.
Sure, but it is useless when all functions and data is global anyway. I can put all code in a single sprite already now, but it does not help to teach more advanced topics.
What I want to do is this: Encapsulate functions and data of a sprite, so it can be used to teach Modularization, OOP and lots of other useful stuff. image
I am willling to wait for that feature :slight_smile:

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