Please add text in the snap costume editor

i really wish there could be text in the snap costume editor
Like, image
Wheres the text button?
I dont wanna badly draw a text into my project.
I know i know, there is a costume from text block in the library but, Can you just please add the text button into the costume? its just more easier to do that

I think this functions are be on Snap! . This editor is big Snap! weakness.
But were a lot of these topics for example this . But here's this block:
so always this can help :slight_smile:

I know that there is a pen block,
but i think there should be a text button in the costume editor

I and sure everyone want to add this function- hope in the future 'text option' will be. Nothing to talk more.

Yes. We intend a complete rewrite of both bitmap and vector editors, and will include text when we do it. No promises as to when, though.

Hope it'll soon :wink:

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