Please add detection of other keys

Shift, Control, Tab, ,, ., /, ;, ', [, ], , -, =, #, Alt, `, Esc.
Why not?

I think they can also call functions from browser or window's itself.

these keys:

can be detectable using the id (untitled script pic(39)) block put into the key () pressed? block. the ~ key is sticky, meaning it will report true until you press it again. the esc key cannot be detected, and the others (except for tab) are sticky.

Thanks for pointing this out. :slight_smile:

you're welcome!

Most of these are achievable using join
You can't detect ctrl because of a js bug, but all the others work fine.

thats basically what I said

untitled script pic (68)
untitled script pic (69)


The id block can only have a number typed (or an expression dragged) in it.

oh, right.

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