Place an input on top of another

I want to figure out how to put one number input on top of another.

I couldn't find an option to do that.

You can add a label (text) between the inputs with the text being "$nl". This just creates a new line in the block.

Advanced Math Blocks script pic
Thank you! It works okay, but is there any way to get the parentheses vertically centered?

Advanced Math Blocks script pic (1)
I could also get this. It would look good if I could get the parentheses spaced, but every time I try to do that, the spaces don't show up.

There is no way to get the parenthesis vertically centered.

There are a bazillion specialized space characters in Unicode. One of my go-to ones is "thin space," U+2009, for example. Another thing you can do is put invisible parentheses in the block text by making them the same color as the block itself. Where there's a will...

how do you change text color?


for example


makes the color red.

The size is just a percentage of the regular size, so 1 is 100%, 2 is 200%, and 0.5 is 50%

untitled script pic (11)
you can still see the text

They all show up as the default box thing. I don't know if that is my OS or browser or not.

What do you want it to look like? (You can say what mathematical notation you mean to reproduce: fraction, matrix, etc.)

I want it to look like a binomial coefficient.

you could probably use the "composite bracket" symbols (⎧, ⎩, ⎫, ⎭), but they don't look good when used. to see what i mean, here's a screenshot script pic:
untitled script pic (10)

Huh, that's weird. The top halves don't match the bottom halves.

It must be a font issue, since it looks right on my phone

untitled script pic (32)

Maybe if a font file comes with snap, it could look the same on every device.

I thought we /did/ have a font file, although maybe I'm wrong and we just use one of the browser standard ones.

you don't. everybody has a different font, and that's determined by the browser (and maybe the OS)

No. If the site has a font file then what the OS or the browser wants counts for zero and zilch.

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