Pixel Platformer

I just wanted to share my project that i made!

If anyone has any issues can you please help me fix them because some of the issues that i have found i cant really fix so if anyone can fix them or tell me how to fix them then i will put your name in the project notes


where's the link to the project?


sorry forgot to post the link

the project should be there now

I am proud to announce that the game is finished! There are some bugs here and there but I hope you fellow coders can help me fix those bugs and make this the perfect 2d platformer. I will still be updating the game by adding new levels here and there and over all i think this is by far the best game I have ever made! I hope you guys love the new character selection option that i have added. This game is Pc and mobile friendly. The controls on Pc is WAD, W being the jump button, A being the right button, and D being the left button. Please come to me if you have any extra level or feature ideas as i would be proud to add them if it would be over all better for the community.

I hope that everybody who encounters this game on Snap! or is suggested it by another fellow coder will enjoy this game and all of its contents.

It's a little hard to differentiate between the ground and the background...

i will go ahead and make more of a color differentiation between the backround and the foreground

fixed :slight_smile:

if any of you guys have gotten to level 5 then you would have seen that there are yellow jump orbs in that level so if you get there then have fun playing with that

You mean the other way around...?

yeah sorry other way around