Physics engine (p5)

That's not Snap! It was blocked for me.

Oh.I'll try to make it runnable on snap.
No,I can't.

Great! :slight_smile:

BTW,can you use cloud vars ?@silver_star


Yeah, I can

Then you should have no problem w/ the physics engine!
They have the same second domain.

What I should be able to do and what I am able to do clearly are not in agreement, then.

Make Sketches,run Sketches.

Nope, blocked!

Can you set/get cloud vars?

Yeah! But only on Snap.

Do your operations succeed (you can get cloud vars you setted)?

Yes. But I can't go on to the website, I can get data from it, like using the url block.

Then copy the output of the url block to a folder (exact copy)
I've did it for you.

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Paste the above string into notepad and name the file


Oh,it is not a cloud var!
It is a function that reports the processes that are currently running (how many blocks are glowing)
Cloud vars don't show.
and you shall post it to a topic about my cloud blocks instead of this thread...

Any library contributions and/or conplainments?