Percent Blocks Extension (Part 1)

These blocks are an extension to Snap! They are percentage blocks that allow you to calculate percentages!

Version 1.0: Snap! 6.8.1 Build Your Own Blocks

Version 2.0: Snap! 6.8.1 Build Your Own Blocks

You should make it a reporter block instead.

Also, these type of blocks would normally go into the green operators category :slight_smile:

The way you did it is good for scratch, but in snap, you can create reporters. Instead of making the block set a variable, it just reports the value instead. Also, it's much, much better if the block is a reporter.

Oh OK I will update it so that they are reporter blocks and not command blocks


i suggest you to remove the "%" from the reporter

so you can use it like this:

Percent Extension Blocks v2.0 script pic
This is too complicated. You can do
Percent Extension Blocks v2.0 script pic (1)
Or even
Percent Extension Blocks v2.0 script pic (2)

How about this
40%*20% is 8% while 40*20 is 800
Counter that

8% ≠ 800

Maybe some little kid watched a tutorial, and didn't know how to use decimals in his code, so maybe he would need to use this.

You can use it for voting.

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"Percent" means "per 100." 20% means 20/100.

So, it's correct that 40% * 20% is not the same as 40*20. It's
(40/100) * (20/100) = (40 * 20) / (100 * 100) = 800/10,000 = 8/100 = 8%.

Couldn't someone say all that without being mean and starting a fight?

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