People putting flags when they arent doing anything bad

i've been getting TONS of messages like "your post was flagged by the commiity" and its starting to tick me off can someone help me stop this?

Yeah your not the only one getting them,and i tried to make a topic about the same thing but it got closed...

My topic was a feature requests and it got flagged.My topic about the flag got closed,and i'm mad(this is the topic that got closed I feel like someone is trolling me)

@bh @bromagosa @jens are you 3 flagging our topics now?or is someone actually trolling us?

has this happened to you guys

@zahra_kaito @sushi-llama @funtime_foxy101 @yeet_king

Nope! I have not had any of my topics flagged.

how about your comments?

nope, well not as far as I know.

Have you seen any of my comments flagged?

it should be a notif with a mail icon if you got flagged

Yeah, if that's so then I have never been flagged.

@theeric132 has this happened to you recently

once or twice yes

No, this has not happened to me.

@theomt my theory is that someone is targeting us,trying to get us in trouble for topics and comments for no reasons,and its starting to annoy me because i can't post a topic about this without getting scared it'll be closed and a mod will yell at me

the mods review the reported messages, so they probably will get mad at the person who is flagging you than getting mad at you, unless the person flagging your posts is flagging them for a good reason.

yeah, a little...which is super annoying. i think it's bc people seem to hate me, now....and Zahra is apparently "self-absorbed" according to @bh. Hey, I'm still kinda angry at him for speaking of my sister like that and he didn't even bother to apologise.
I bet you someone IS trolling us because they are angry with us or something of the likes.

Yes, we have seen a few cases of flag barratry. We have issued warnings to the perpetrators. I agree that it's very annoying.

Something we've also occasionally seen is people using a flag as a way to send us a message that isn't really a complaint. We've issued warnings about that, too, but you shouldn't take that as directed against you personally if it happens to you.

The screenshots of outsider reviews of this forum are depressing.

We're going to start by closing categories and moderating super strictly. If that doesn't work, we're going to have to ban the drama people.