People are spaming off topic links

This is all spam and not related to Snap! or CS.

Simply flag the posts - no need to comment - and no need to reply to this either :slight_smile:

I hope it'll less such comments.

Exactly. I'm deleting the accounts as soon as I see them flagged.

why are you straight you deleting them?

Some spam factory is creating new accounts, each of which is used only to post advertising. This started happening last week. Don't worry, we're not deleting real human beings.

Ok, just wondering why would they just say the name of there company? instead of sending a link to a website? Seems a little odd

Isn’t liteblue owned by the US postal service?

Scam website, it steals your card number.

I think so, but it doesn't give anyone rights come spam links to it on a CS forum(Unless the president comes and is like "Spam kids on a CS forum and annoy them!").

Ugh, this is becoming a problem. bh, couldn't you IP ban them?

I do, each one, as it arises. But they're all from different addresses.

Darn it, I hate people who spam on forums while avoiding bans.

Then how could it be a factory? Different IP addresses.

I guess the factory somehow gives different IP addresses to the different accounts.

VPN Probably.

Ugh, how are we going to stop this spam factory?

We arn’t.

Maybe Add a function to the Snap! Forums That Makes sure your not a bot when you post (maybe only ask if your inactive for a few hours.)

Good idea. @bh can you make it so you have to wait 3 days before you can post links(form when you join)