Penguin Racing (Part 3)

Well. 75% of people chose Joe(@joecooldoo), so he wins

that is a lot of Joe, also what was @sir_kitten2's response in the list?


also I think joecooldoo cheated

I didnt cheat i promise

ok then, lets get on with it


I'll do map design? Different levels?


Body is too similar to what you recently posted

what should I do? being an awesome boss? :wink: :wink:

lol I guess. Try making a temp. Penguin for testing

explain in 4982840975043% moar simpler terms

A project for testing

I was asking Joe, but ok??? need actual definition by @joecooldoo



No, I'm serious. Me, my friend, and my brother voted. But it is a little weird that their is so many votes. Personally I though your idea would win lol

I think we should do spacers idea, the screen is too small for my design

Ok then LET'S GO!!! :penguin:

2/3's of people voted for you smh(wat does that mean)

So we need to develop a scrolling system...