Pen trails made by write block

hi, this is something I need to do in my project: find the pen trails ONLY made by the write block. does anyone know how to do this?
[offtopic] (p.s. does anyone know the spec of the BYOB attribute block?) [/offtopic]

you couldn't really do that unless you change the write and pentrails functions.

You can instead make it so it clears and saves the pen trails in a temporary variable, replaces the current pen trails with a variable storing a costume, writes the text, saves the pen trails into said variable, and replaces the pen trails with what was in the temporary variable, and writes the text again. And then the variable (not the temporary variable) would store the pen trails made by the write block.

Maybe you can extract it from pixels of pentrails, but it's not user friendly... You have to know the exact position of your "write pentrails" because it's not possible to distinct it from the rest of the pentrails...

Follow the advice of pumpkinhead or clear the screen, write something and save the pentrails.

What exactly do you want to do? (with the pentrails of the write block)

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