Pen Land Generator

I made a land generation system:

Oh, nice!

So the first thing that struck me in the code was that all this:

should be a procedure with the two empty slots at the beginning as inputs. I think I'd include the CHANGE X and CHANGE Y at the bottom even though for the land drawing they're useless; they don't hurt, and they help the reader understand the code. If you want you could wrap them in an IF based on a Boolean input.

But then I started thinking about the harder question of whether there's a better way to mark the border, without redundantly treating a lot of interior points as if they were border points. What if you drew a random set of overlapping squares without the transparency code, but with high transparency, then use PEN TRAILS to capture that shape, assign it to a sprite, reduce its transparency, reduce its size, and stamp it? Maybe after getting a complete chunk of land or whatever, you save it in a list of costumes and clear the stage, so that the next clump can be captured easily, and only when finished do you finally STAMP the whole list. Would that work? Would it be faster or slower?

This is super cool. Kinda reminds me of the Cave Generation I made and edited for this 3d maze project (credit to trg078 for the 3d bit and snapenilk for the collision). I plan to release the updated map gen* by itself sometime, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.


Cave map generation. Not like the land generation @joecooldoo made.

Kind of the goal of this project was to make it completely by drawing it; no stamping, no cloning, nothing. I was inspired by a land generating project that generates noise and creates land based off of that, but the problem is that its super slow. So I decided to build my own land generation (using only motion blocks, pen down, and pen up blocks). And BTW, I updated the project again.

Interesting. I understand the principle of restricted-technique games, but did something in particular motivate this choice of restriction? Did that other project use only pentrails?

Yes. The project took a while to generate land, so I decided to make a land generator that creates it by drawing it without

while still generating the last super fast.